Ramadan and Eid

Samira’s Eid
by Nasreen Aktar, illustrated by Enebor Attard
Ramadan, the month of fasting, is almost over and Samira and her brother Hassan, busy making cards for Eid, are thinking of their Nani in hospital. The following day they too fast and same night Samira hears reports of the sighting of the new moon. The Eid festival has finally come. Next morning Samira dons her new shalwar-kameez and the family goes to the mosque for prayers. Then it’s a day of celebration with family, friends, feasting and gifts but there’s one very special surprise awaiting Samira and Hassan: the final guest is Nani and she herself brings
yet another surprise.
A lovely story for sharing with young children at Eid and one that will help to make this  important Muslim festival accessible to all.  It is available in eleven different dual text standard size editions including Arabic and Urdu.
(reviewed by Jill Bennett)
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Sweet Dates to Eat
by Jonny Zucker, illustrated by Jan Barger
(Frances Lincoln)
Subtitled A Ramadan and Eid Story, this simple picture book has a small girl narrator who introduces young audiences to her Muslim family and their observance of the holy month from the first day of Ramadan through to the sighting of the new moon and the celebration of Eid Ul Fitr (the festival of the breaking of the fast). Additional background information for adult  sharers of the book is given in the final double spread.  Understanding about other peoples faiths and cultures grows from small beginnings: this Festival Time! series is one helpful starting point.
(reviewed by Jill Bennett)
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