As soon as your children starts mixing with others, the chances are they’ll bring home some unwelcome visitors. Everyone gets them so here are some books to explain the facts.

Niteracy Hour
by John Dougherty
(Young Corgi)
In complete contrast to the other books on this page, the main character in this one is a head louse – a very special one that picks up the characteristics of the children whose blood he sucks. As a result, he learns to read,  ump and talk and becomes friends with his host children. He also develops a passion for the sea and gives the school bully his comeuppance. We couldn’t resist including this book as it’s so funny, but it may make children reluctant to deal with their own nits in case they too host a head louse like Jim.
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Topsy and Tim have Itchy Heads
by Jean and Gareth Adamson
When Topsy and Tim first get nits, Mum and Dad treat their heads with lotion from the chemist. That deals with the problem for a while but it’s not long before they are scratching they catch headlice again. This time another Mum shows them how to keep headlice at bay with lots of conditioner and a fine tooth comb. This simple, factual story is in Ladybird’s standard small book format and emphasises nits as an ongoing problem. A good choice for Topsy and Tim fans.
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I’ve got nits!
by Mike Brownlow
(Ragged Bears)
The Fotheringtons are horrified when their beloved Jenny gets nits. They’re sure only dirty people get them. But Jenny’s headmaster soon puts them right so, after a good deal of washing and combing, they finally end up nit free. Told in rhyme with plenty of humour, this book reads out loud well so is a good choice for introducing the facts of nits in schools and playgroups.
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Scritch Scratch
by Miriam Moss and Delphine Durand
The lovely touch in this book is it’s the teacher, Miss Calypso, who gets nits first and gives them to her class. (It’s usually the other way round.) The children have their hair conditioned and combed by their parents so they return to school nit free, only to be reinfected by Miss Calypso
who has no one to comb her hair for her. Finally the headmaster volunteers to help – an offer that leads to love and marriage. A funny story with bright illustrations which add to the humour.
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