Easy Non-Fiction

by Ian Mark
by K M Peyton
Big Cats
by Kenneth Ireland
by Dennis Hamley
(Oxford University Press)
Instead of sticking with the well worn National Curriculum topics, the publishers of this series asked established children’s authors to write about subjects which fascinated them. The result is an interesting mix of books likely to tempt beginner readers who prefer fact to fiction,¬† especially those who share the author’s passion. I particularly enjoyed Rats where Jan Marks gives an enthusiastic defence of these much maligned animals. The information is mature enough to appeal to older children and adults who are learning to read while the text uses the simple sentence structure and repetition needed by beginners. Full colour illustrations and eye catching covers add to their appeal while, at only 32 pages, they are slim enough not to look too daunting.
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Also available but not reviewed – Sharks, Frogs and Toads, Snakes, Cars,
Dogs, Rockets, Dinosaurs, Wolves, Bees, Whales, Spiders

Mountain Biking
by S Behr
Rock Climbing
by Ian Smith
(Franklin Watts – Extreme Sports)
These superb books combine stunning photography with well-spaced easy to read text in a magazine type layout which children love. Although they are specially written for weak readers aged 8-12+, there is nothing on the books to give this away so children and teenagers can share them with friends without losing face. The topics are well chosen to appeal to thrill-seeking
young readers and the information is written and checked by experts.
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