The Road to Easter Day
by Jan Godfrey and Marcin Piwowarksi
(Barnabas – Bible Reading Fellowship)
Starting with the events of Palm Sunday, this picture book tells the whole Easter story up to and including the post-resurrection meeting with Jesus on the road to Emmaus. The text flows easily with some rhythmical repetition and combine well with the colourful illustrations. To add child appeal, the events are seen through the eyes of a Jewish boy called Ben who can be spotted in all the pictures.
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Hope and New Life
by Johnny Zucker, illustrated by Jan Barger Cohen
(Frances Lincoln)
This picture book follows one family’s celebration of the Easter festival, both religious and secular, and includes building Easter gardens, going to church, eating hot cross buns and hunting for Easter eggs. The illustrations are helpful and attractive and the text is well written, using language appropriate for 8-9 year olds. Our teacher reviewer found it effective
to read aloud – her class of 29 listened with interest and understanding.
Useful for KS2 religious education, including children with special needs.
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Pocket Money Easter
by Clare Beaton
(b small publishing)
Using simple materials and recycled oddments, this book shows readers how to make easter cards, easter bonnets, decorations and some simple (non-recycled) food. The instructions are easy-to-follow and there are templates to help cut out the necessary shapes.
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