This series of graphic novels is aimed at 7-9 year olds and the age of the children in the pictures means readers over 10 are likely to think them too childish. The comic strip format works well, allowing the stories to be told with the minimum of text. There are plenty of speech bubbles and visual clues to help even weak readers to follow what’s happening.

Hot Air
by Anthony Masters
A fast moving adventure story about a group of boys carried away in a runaway hot air balloon. There is plenty of action and nail-biting tension to keep the pages turning.
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Please don’t eat my Sister
by Caroline Pitcher
Lenny doesn’t trust his family’s new piano. It seems extremely bad-tempered and its keys look like shark’s teeth. How can he persuade his parents not to let his sister play it? A good story played for laughs rather than screams.
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A Ghost behind the Stars
by Chris Powling
Tom and Tessa plan to make a very special programme with Grandad – a programme that will get rid of the ghost haunting the TV station. But when the day comes to put their plan into action, the weather intervenes and events don’t turn out as they expected.
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Monster School
by Garry Kilworth
When Tommy has to go to boarding school while his parents go to Canada, his short-sighted mum misreads ‘beast school’ as ‘best school’ so he ends up at a school for monsters. There are plenty of jokes about vampires, ghouls and all things nasty plus a Head who really is just that.
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