Cheeky Worries

by Patrick Davey (Author), Anna Smith (Author), and Anne Wilson (Illustrator)

In “Cheeky Worries” readers are introduced to Finn, a young boy who begins to experience anxiety and worry about things – like being left alone or getting hurt. These fears start to take over Finn’s life and he becomes too scared to do the things he loves, like playing on the slide.

But one day, Finn meets a wise old owl who helps him understand that many people have anxiety and that it’s okay to talk about it. The owl teaches Finn that his worries can be felt, but they shouldn’t stop him from doing the things he loves. Moreover, if he talks about his feelings to an adult, it will make him feel better. With this newfound perspective and a plan to deal with his concerns, Finn starts to feel better and returns to playing and enjoying life.

This book is a great resource for children who are struggling with anxiety. It offers a relatable and age-appropriate look at a common issue that many kids face, and it provides helpful strategies for managing anxiety. The illustrations are engaging – the owl particularly beautiful – and they help to bring the story to life.

Overall, “Cheeky Worries” is a sweet and reassuring book that will help children understand and cope with their anxiety. It’s a must-read for parents and educators looking for resources to support anxious children.

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